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Legion – Chapter 3 – Two Credits Sequences Edition

Anyone know why this show has two sets of end credit at the end?  There’s the 70s white and colors version, then a break, then a standard black and white words with music credits…

So, I continue to be fascinated by the slow build going on in this show, but I also am starting to wonder… where is this going?  I’m enjoying it, and like I mentioned early on, it’s only 8 episodes so I’ll stick to it, but things are starting to feel a little directionless.

So far, it’s essentially just a character exploration of this David dude.  Things are moving along though.  The creepy fat face dude has shown up more and more, and not just as a flash.  There’s definitely more going on with The World’s Angriest Boy in the World, since now he’s manifesting within the memories.

Things are also starting to spice up a bit within David’s mind in general. Syd is actually interacting with other characters, so maybe she is a real person after all, and David seems to have gotten himself a bit trapped in his own mind.  His powers are also developing a bit.  Not a whole lot that was really new though, this episode almost felt like a retread of Episode 2 to some extent.

Total side note, Kerry (not to be confused with Cary) looks way too much like Aubrey Plaza, and I keep wanting to confuse Kerry with Lenny.  Kind of poor casting there it seems, unless something comes of this in the future.

On another side note, I also have picked up the Legion comic on Comixology, though the little bit I’ve read has zero to do with this show’s content, so either it’s just way different, or this is not the “initial series” with the character like I though, which kind of stinks.

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