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Weekly Haul

Weekly Wednesday Haul – Ms. Marvel Edition

I don’t know what’s going on with toy distribution but it’s been crazy dry all over, even in online outlets.  Wave 3 and I think 4 of Titans Returns is nowhere to be found, the good Voltron is impossible to find, I think I’m behind by like 4 Marvel Legends waves now and Star Wars exploded for Rogue One but nothing new since it seems.

Fortunately I did find Ms. Marvel here at Target, I say Fortunately because they had the whole wave, but she is pretty much the only figure I really care about getting this round.  I’ll probably pick up Green Goblin eventually as well but I’m saving some of my funds back in case I manage to find more of the Volton Lions.  I’ve also ended up with a couple of unexpected pricier things (A Figuarts from someone I know, Nendo Tracer Pre Order) come up lately which has dried up my budgeted spending a bit quicker than normal.

Weekly Wednesday Haul – Black and Green Lions Edition

The new Legendary Voltron Lions seem to be a massive hit. I’ve heard many people talking about not finding them while also hearing of stores not keeping them in stock.

Which is pretty impressive given they aren’t particularly cheap. Anyway, I managed to pick up Green Lion, then later Black Lion, so I’m well on my way to completing my Legendary Defender Voltron.

Voltron Black Lion Green Lion

They are both pretty awesome, though I wish there was a bit more side to side neck articulation.  Also I was worried I might break something trying to remove Green Lion from Black Lion.  The post that holds the Voltron arms on is a little TOO tight.

Weekly Wednesday Haul – Superior Soundwave is Superior

I never found MP Soundwave at retail, or even available online.  I didn’t care to bother with the Japanese version which doesn’t come with all of the cassettes.  I don’t really collect MP, so I kind of wrote it off as an “oh well”.  Then there was a rerelease for Hasbro Asia, a release that’s basically the US version, Soundwave with all 5 cassettes, and I jumped on the chance to pre order.  And then that order came in, and it shipped, and now it’s here.

He’s everything I had hoped for.  I mean for a bit less I could have gotten the dodgy Titans Return version with all of his mediocre tape buddies, but instead, I have this glorious perfect Soundwave.

I wanted to throw a few more things in my Pile of Loot as well, so I also finished off my Firefly line up, since they were all on clearance, with Kaylee and Jayne.  They are both about as expected for Funko figures, including Kaylee’s hand breaking right off the first time I tried to turn it.

Weekly Wednesday Haul – Iron Men and Steel Sharks Edition

Sometimes I pass on something for so long that it disappears.  Most often this happens because I’m hoping for a good sale or even a clearance mark down.  The Target Iron Man/War Machine was one such set.  My local Target had several forever, then they must have gotten marked down because suddenly they were gone.  Fortunately I got a hook up for one on clearance elsewhere, so I still managed to get it for cheap.

I know I’ve mentioned that I have a weakness for Iron Man armors, so yeah, I really was looking forward to this pack.  I really dig that buff War Machine with all of his extra accessories and in person, that Orange and Blue Iron Man is pretty slick looking.  Coincidentally, that Orange and Blue Iron Man suit is a repaint of the last War Machine figure we got in the Hulkbuster wave.  Minus the Don Cheadle head.

I also found one Sharkticon from the Titans Return line.  I don’t usually army build with Transformers, but this guy is pretty awesome and cheap enough that I’ll probably end up with several in the long haul.  It’s really a shame that Wave 4 of these basics is putting in more of the mediocre Bumblebee instead of more Sharkticons.

Weekly Wednesday Haul – Tiny Robot Animals Edition

I’m of mixed minds on the individually packed Titan Masters.  They seem pretty neat, but they also seem really limited.  I also don’t feel the compelling need to swap heads around too much on my Transformers, despite that this is their entire gimmick.

I have been picking up a few here and there, this week with Titan Masters Sawback, aka Lione.  Lione was a “Headmaster Teen” int he Japanese Headmasters cartoon.  In that version he was a head that turned into a small lion.  This version is a standard head/robot man combo, but he includes a larger lion vehicle.  The Lion turns into a sort of jet vehicle thing, but more fun, he turns into a giant Lion Head.  The head even works as a Headmaster with a little work.

I also picked up Transformers RiD Springload, the small legends version.  I’m sticking to amassing a small army of robot Decepticon beast bots from Robots in Disguise, and Springload fits that bill well.

Weekly Wednesday Haul – 3DSxl Edition

Been slowish for new toys, of the plastic variety but not so much for the electronic variety.  I kind of fell off of the Nintendo bandwagon back when the 3DS became a thing, it seemed like a pointless gimmick (it still kind of feels that way) and I just didn’t have time.  Generally, I’ve picked up the newer Nintendo handhelds at the start of each generation, or at least pretty early, then upgraded later for cheap near the end of the generation.  I never bothered with the 3DS.

I decided over the holiday season that if I didn’t find, specifically, the New 3DS XL on a sale, I would just buy one after the holidays.  Well, there weren’t really any sales that I saw so I just bought one, along with New Super Mario Brothers 2.  I spend most of the first evening with it replacing the SD card with a 32gb one I had floating around and then figuring out how to register a Nintendo ID, then registering my collected pile of 3DS games from a couple of Humble Bundles I’ve picked up.  So I have maybe a dozen or so games for the thing already right off.

It’s neat, I haven’t really fully explored some of the 3D aspects but I like it, along with New SMB2.

I also received a gift from the person whose dogs I watch occasionally int he form of these pretty snazzy Star Wars model kits.  I’ll get around to actually assembling them eventually.


Weekly Wednesday Haul – Ni Hao Edition

I’ve been looking more and more into ordering some toys direct from Japan.  Generally speaking, the shipping costs aren’t worth the mild savings by having less mark up.  Sometimes things are cheaper even with pricey shipping but I don’t care to bother with the longer shipping times.

I’d been browsing through AmiAmi and it turns out they were having a sale, or maybe just marked downs, whatever the case, I ended up ordering both Ranma and Shampoo and even after paying shipping I still saved a significant amount versus ordering them domestically.


Weekly Wednesday Haul – Super Fighting Robot Edition

Not a lot going on lately on the acquisitions front.  I did pick up this pretty neat Sentinel Mega Man figure.  I’m always kind of torn on the Mega Man vs Rock Man thing.  Both are cool for their own reasons, and being in the US I’m of course more familiar with “Mega Man”.

I was hoping he would be a bit on the larger end of 4″ and fit better with my Model Kit Roll, but sadly he’s way too small.  He look bitching with my other Video Gamey figures though.


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