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Agents of Shield

Recap – Agents of Shield S04E15

Coulson… Must… Die…  For reals, he totally gets blowed up.  Ok, no, it was an LMD, because, you know, last we left our crew, everyone was locked in the Framework having been replaced by LMDs.

What an episode, and it’s the end of the arc for the LMDs, more or less.  It seems there is also a break until April as well, which really sucks.  Anyway, this was a really good episode, like, really good.  Fitz and Simmons were amazing, Daisy was fucking awesome the whole way, and the LMD crew were pretty good at being robots.  We also got a really solid wrap up for NotMay, who ended up being a decent temporary character.

I’ll get into a bit more detail and probably some speculation next with the spoiler space…


Recap – Agents of SHIELD S04E14 – Six Degrees of Agent Coulson

The Superior made a promise, Coulson… Must.. Die…

Such an ominous threat to make in the middle of a season against the lead character from an almost nobody villain.  Which is my biggest complaint with The Superior, he kind of feels like a nobody, and not particularly amazing in any regards.   I suppose that might be the point, the whole sub plot here felt very… “Civil War Lite”.  At least as far as the motivations of the villain.  Basically his only power is Vodka and “Being Russian”.

Kind of some mystery sub plots going on here but mostly this was a good episode.  Daisy was really great in this one, though she didn’t do much aside from kick ass a few times.

Onward with the spoilers…


Agents of SHIELD S04E13 – The Search for May

Now that Coulson knows the truth about May and Radcliffe has the Darkhold, everyone’s on the hunt for Radcliffe.  There’s also a new Inhuman on the block this week, though probably not who anyone really expected.

Daisy gets quite a bit of spotlight this episode as well, which is a pretty nice change.  She’s been kind of feeling a bit back burner this season in general, though that’s not really a bad thing considering she has been overly focused for the previous few seasons.

Generally this was a pretty good episode with some set up for what will probably be the closing bits of the LMD arc, which is rumored to last 7-8 episode, which would put it at an end in 2-3 episodes, which probably will mean another break.

More spoiler based details below.


Agents of Shield S04E12 – Everyone is Making Out With Each Other

There were a few sub plots wrapped up here, which is nice.  It’s good to see the plot moving forward a bit.  There was also a new sort of villain introduced, though it’s not super clear how long he’ll end up lasting.  He’s effectively the leader of the Watchdogs, I guess.  This also gave us some background for the motivations of The Watchdogs as well as a bit of insight on Agent Coulson in the bigger picture world, since he is supposed to be dead and all.

More importantly, we got the return of Agent Koenig, as well as Agent Koenig, and the introduction of Agent Koenig and another character, also named Koenig.  In addition to the kooky twins, triplets, whatever joke, I really enjoy Koenig when he shows up because he feels sort of like a 4th wall “Voice of the Fans” sort of fanboy, which makes for even more good jokes.  His presents definitely made this episode a good one, but I’ll get more detail on that with…

The Spoiler Zone!


Agents of Shield S04e11 – They Can’t All Be Winners Edition

So, Agents of Shield has been hitting on all cylinders lately, but this episode really felt flat.  I think part of the issue was that it was mostly set up for future plots.  There was also a lot of development of relationship between characters and couples on the show, though that also kind of felt like pointless filler in a lot of ways, or slightly out of place out of character moments.

The end result was a pretty mediocre episode where nothing really major happened.  More on that going forward, so spoilers beware…


Recap – Agents of SHIELD S04E10 – The Patriot

The core story of this episode, as the title “The Patriot” suggests, is about Director Mace, and his background, and his secrets.  It’s an alright episode with some pretty important plot elements weaved into it.  Quite a bit of decent action going on throughout the episode, while the over arching LMD plot takes a bit of a backseat to everything.

Spoiler synopsis and notes beyond.


Recap – Agents of Shield S04E09 – Yet Another Duplicate May!

Yet another break has ended, and we get a return of the Agents of SHIELD.  The show picks right up where the previous episode left off, only now under the LMD banner.  LMD stands for Life Model Decoy, aka the android robot known as Aida.  When we previously left, Aida had absorbed some of the knowledge from the mysterious Darkhold book and effectively become a sentient crazy ala Ultron.  She had also replaced Agent May with a May LMD.

We get a few new answers in this episode, we don’t get a lot of new questions, mostly just set up for the LMD plot line for the next few episodes or so.  There’s not a whole ton of great action going on in this episode, but there’s a lot of good back and forth between the crew as they work through the events of the episode.

I’m still a little curious about where this little plot run will go.  Aida doesn’t seem nearly malicious enough to really carry the villain role for a super long time  Maybe she isn’t the villain though, with the return of the Watchdogs.

Anyway, onto the Spoiler Section!


Agents of Shield – Slingshot Oneshot, Sixshot Webshot Edition

While Agents of the Lazy Break Taking Folks are on another month long break, there is a new short web series available centering around the character Yoyo.  It’s kind of conspiracy but it sort of feels like someone realized that Yoyo never got any decent backstory though they are using her more in the show now.  Basically, it’s a way to develop a minor character who has been elevated a bit as time went on.

The story mostly takes place just before Season 4 (Ghost Rider) but the framing bits before and after take place in “present day” (Post Ep 8).  There’s a few visual effects and it does feel like it’s a truncated 20 minute episode.  Each of the main cast makes brief cameos in appropriate ways as well.

It’s available for free on ABC’s streaming service or on Marvels’s Youtube channel.

It’s not particularly long but here’s a brief spoilery summary…