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Game of Thrones – S07E07 – The Dragon and the Wolf

So, the season finale.  Though there were only 7 episodes this season, the last two have been longer so it’s sort of like getting 8.

The first half of this episode deals with the fallout from last episode, specifically, the meeting of our two groups for their negotiated truce.  Cersei caves essentially immediately after seeing the dead solider, but she demands Jon not take sides between her and Dany, which he’s already done.  So they have a little disagreement and Tyrion goes and convinces Cersei to side with them.

Euron Greyjoy, for all of his grandiose behavior, immediately runs away back to the Iron Isles, after learning the dead army can’t swim.  I have to wonder if this will come back to haunt him, The Iron Isles are pretty far north, it’s possible that during the long winter, they could become less of an island and more of a hill in the middle of a sheet of ice.  Probably not so much though since it was all a ruse for Cersei to send him off on a little fetch quest for more men in the form of The Golden Company.

Jon and Theon finally have a little heart to heart chat, Jon basically tells Theon that he’s a dick and he should go back to being a Greyjoy, even though he was brought up and treated right by the Starks.  Not in so many words, but you know, Theon basically betrayed Ned Stark and his family.  No redemption for Theon.  Except he’s still trying real hard for it as he heads back to his men to try to convince them to help rescue Yara.  I’m kind of inclined to agree with his men, Even if Euron hasn’t killed her, they aren’t any match for the Iron Fleet or Euron Greyjoy.

Meanwhile Littlefinger’s little games come to a climax finally.  Sansa finally wakes up to his constant lying and deceptions, though it’s not entirely clear if Bran simply told her the reality of the situation (he can basically see all time now or something) or if Arya convinced her of the reality of the situation.  Whatever the case, it’s used as a vehicle to wrap up a few loose ends somewhat unceremoniously.  Basically Littlefinger was behind driving Catelyn Stark and Lysa Arynn apart, he conspired to kill Jon Arynn, and he tried to kill Bran Stark.  So Arya cuts his throat.

The growing tension between Jaime and his sister also finally reaches an climax.  Jaime finally voices a lot of his concerns with her crazy obsessive behavior and Cersei basically tells him she’s pissed for his disloyalty.  She sort of threatens to have The Mountain kill him, but he leaves without a fight.

Then of course the final official reveal of Rhaegar and Lyanna.  Sam comes to Winterfell and has a little chat with Bran, and they put the pieces together about how Jon Snow is really the legitimate son of Rhaegar Targaryan and Lyanna Stark, and that is real name is Aegon Targaryen, and that he is the true heir to the Iron Throne.

Finally, the army of the dead makes it to Eastwatch and they use the captured undead Dragon to bring down the wall.  Except now the dragon has Ice breath instead of fire, wouldn’t that just reinforce the wall?  I don’t know.  Chances are the 7 kingdoms will be pretty safe though, it took the undead army a very long time to walk the little bit from Hardhome to Eastwatch, at this rate it will take at least 3 more seasons to even reach Winterfell.

So on the season as a whole.  It’s been, pretty good, though it feels less and less like Game of Thrones as it started out.  There were barely any meaningful deaths, for example.  There were plenty of chances.  I like Jaime, but having Cersei kill him would have been a very classic GoT move.  Ser Jorah, Tormund, most of the band that went north to capture the undead soldier, they could have all been killed off at any point with no real impact.  The whole thing is starting to feel a little watered down.  Everyone left feels like they are covered in layers of plot armor with no real threat feeling like much of a threat anymore.

Everything is becoming really predictable too.  I mean we have one season left, so, the army of the dead will march on Winterfell, which will probably fall, they all will retreat to King’s Landing where Cersei will have Euron and the Golden Company waiting, they will have to beg for help or whatever.  Still, plot armor.  Everyone seems too protected.  I can’t imagine too many others aside from The Mountain, Cersei, Euron and maybe Theon end up dying.  Maybe Tyrion and Davos, just to give the “Good Guys” someone to kill off.  I doubt Jon or Dany get killed, they are obviously being built up to sit together on the Iron Throne in the end.

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