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Tuesday Trailer – Ghost in the Shell

So my understanding is, this version is the combination of a couple of plots from the original Anime.  I’m pretty much only familiar with the original movie, and all of those elements are really obvious but I’m not sure on the other bits.

That said, I feel like a combo movie of some kind that reduces out the slow lame psychobabble of the original film and fleshes out the plot to be a bit less “cerebral” is probably a pretty good idea.  On the other hand there still seems to be a lot of kind of weird shit going on here, that feels like it could be a pretty big turn off for a lot of people.  It also, kind of feels like Lucy, which isn’t good, because Lucy was panned horribly.

Super Bowl Trailer – Fate of the Furious

I’m starting to feel a little leery about this one.  I mean I really dig the Fast and the Furious but I’m not really feeling this while “Dom is evil” angle and this one seems like it’s veering a little TOO off into the “Outlandish crazy” area.  Also, that tank The Rock is driving on the ice, is that the same one he had in GI Joe Retaliation?

Super Bowl Trailer – Logan and Transformers The Last Knight

I’m just looping these two together here because there honestly isn’t much new in either trailer that’s notable.  They both are effectively cut down versions of the older trailers.

Super Bowl Trailer – Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

After the disappointment that was On Stranger Tides, this trailer sure has a lot of refreshing.  Lots of ship action, at least here.  The ship on ship was always my favorite parts of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, something that On Stranger Tides really lacked.

Also Babosoa, looks like Will Turner coming back, some sort of kooky skeleton ship, looks pretty good.  That villain though, he seems a little, weird, I’m not sure sure about him.  Also he looks a lot like Will’s dad.

Super Bowl Trailer – Ghost in the Shell

I’m still a bit worried about Scarlett Johansson as the Major, though to be fair, Motoko is a cyborg, so she’s not technically Japanese.  I know this is kind of a huge controversy here.  That said, this is looking great.  The level of detail in this cyberpunk world may be worth the admission alone.  Definitely has all of that dense neon billboards atmosphere that you don’t see a lot of in future movies.  It certainly seems like it’s going to be a cyberpunk sort of year between this and that Blade Runner sequel.

I also really love how much some of the scenes match the original Anime.  Especially with that fight int he water and the therm-optic camo.

Super Bowl Trailer – Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2

Still looking pretty awesome here with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2.  I really like how they are showcasing the added members of the team here with Yondu, Mantis, and Nebula.  Though Mantis seems to take one for the team in the trailer there.  Too bad for her.

Tuesday Trailer – John Wick: Chapter 2

So, hey, John Wick 2.  The first John Wick seemed to be a bit of an unexpected hit of a movie.  It was so brutally simplistic in it’s story, pacing, action and well, everything.  There wasn’t a ton of heavy nonsense going on, just a tough ass hell killer going on a revenge driven rampage.  The world was also incredibly rich and felt pretty complete despite not once stopping to sit around and bog things down by giving some crazy explanation.  It just did by showing.

So now we have John Wick 2.

I’m actually a little disappointed and a little worried.  I’m worried that this movie will try so hard to replicate the goodness of the first movie, that it will come off as well, too much.  It will be too overly dramatic, or try to introduce too much clever unspoken lore making the world too complicated, etc.  I’m also disappointed a bit because probably the best suggestion I’ve heard for a follow up to John wick was to just make a series of movies, unrelated, directly, but all in the same world.  All keeping a common thread in the hotel and club from the first film.

But, we get more Keanu Reeves and John Wick, which is fine, and I’m not saying the movie is going to be bad, I’m just saying I am worried it might push things too far and soil what made the first movie work.  Also, Laurence Fishbourne, I have to wonder if there will be some joke or Easter egg around the Matrix, but that really would probably be kind of out of place.  One last note, there are a few scenes in this trailer with his new car, and they look to be a bit more active than the car scenes in the previous film.  Considering getting his car stolen was part of the catalyst for the first movie, and he’s shown as seeming to be a pretty bad ass driver, it would be nice to get a kick ass John Wick car chase scene in this film.

There’s not enough quality car chases these days it seems.

Tuesday Trailer – Spider-Man Homecoming

Spider-Man is getting another reboot!


This version of Spider-Man is actually tied into the whole MCU however.  In fact, he has already made his debut during Captain America 3: Avengers Jr.  Honestly I’m a little saddened by the third reboot in so many years, especially with how The Amazing Spider-man 2 ended on such a downer cliffhanger.   Also, maybe Im just getting old, but this Spider-Man seems really really young.

I do like the little Avengers reference there with the robbers at the start.  And to help solidify things from Civil War it seems like there will be a bit of an Iron Man Cameo.  SPeaking of that Iron Man Cameo, there’s that awkward hug moment.  There was a scene in one of the Iron Man movies where Tony mentions that he doesn’t like to be handed things.  I believe there were a few other moments pointing out that Tony doesn’t like close contact, shaking hands etc.  I’ve heard this is also a legitimate thing with Robert Downy Jr in general as well as a thing for Tony (now).  Which makes the hug moment kind of interesting, since a hug is pretty much the opposite of Tony’s established hang ups.

Also, Tony is clearly taking up the role of the non existent Uncle Ben role, so that pretty much means Tony will get shot by a mugger early on in the film.  I’m actually kind of curious if they will bother at all with any sort of “origin”.  This Spider-Man is established now from Civil War, the MCU doesn’t really big on going backwards in time at all, and frankly, we’ve seen Peter get bit by a radioactive spider many times now.  We get the idea.

Then there is the Vulture, played by Michael Keaton.  I really hope there is a Batman and Birdman joke in there somewhere, since it’s so obvious.  Vulture seems like a good idea for a villain, he was Spider-man’s original villain in the first issue, he’s small scale enough not to attract the need for larger heroes, and he hasn’t been used yet in any of the previous Spider-Man movies.

Interestingly, no sign of Gwen Stacy or Mary-Jane Watson, or even J. Jameson, at least not in IMDB, though there’s a few people without characters and previous news suggests Zendaya is playing Mary Jane, except she’s listed as Michelle on IMDB.  Instead it seems like we’re getting Liz Allen and Betty Brant.  Hopefully we can avoid yet another version of the whole Bridge and Gwen neck breaking event from the comics.  Oops, spoilers.