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Agents of Shield – Slingshot Oneshot, Sixshot Webshot Edition

While Agents of the Lazy Break Taking Folks are on another month long break, there is a new short web series available centering around the character Yoyo.  It’s kind of conspiracy but it sort of feels like someone realized that Yoyo never got any decent backstory though they are using her more in the show now.  Basically, it’s a way to develop a minor character who has been elevated a bit as time went on.

The story mostly takes place just before Season 4 (Ghost Rider) but the framing bits before and after take place in “present day” (Post Ep 8).  There’s a few visual effects and it does feel like it’s a truncated 20 minute episode.  Each of the main cast makes brief cameos in appropriate ways as well.

It’s available for free on ABC’s streaming service or on Marvels’s Youtube channel.

It’s not particularly long but here’s a brief spoilery summary…

The opening in present day shows Daisy working on her punching bag technique before being interrupted by Yoyo.  They comment about being part of SHIELD again and needing to get their story straight about a meeting in the past.  Flashback to a few months ago.  Yoyo is trying to get information on her brother’s killer, an escaped convict She meets with Coulson who is cleaning out his space for the new Director.  They chitchat a bit, Coulson gives her a SHIELD pin that belonged to Peggy Carter and tells her to see Director Mace.  There is also a brief reference to Stan Lee in the contents of Coulson’s box of junk and a reference to Coulson’s missing hand in the axe used to chip it off.

Episode 2 has Yoyo meeting with Director Mace to sign the Sokovia Accords.  She isn’t particularly happy about doing so and she isn’t particularly happy about the new SHIELD procedures preventing her from just going off on a vigilante mission against her brother’s killer.  Mace sends her off to see Fitz and Simmons for some tests but not before she users her speed power to swipe his badge.

On to Episode 3, Yoyo uses the director’s badge to get the information she needed from the computer system but not before Fitz and Simmons show up.  Fitz outfits her with a new special tracking watch that monitors her position and speed and Yoyo creates a distraction to keep them from seeing what he is doing on the computer.  The search finishes and shows that her target is in Baltimore.  After leaving Fitz and Simmons she runs into Mac, who mentions he will be her new case worker for the Sokovia Accords and they share a moment together before she sees him off int he Zephyr.  As she watches them leave, May shows up and comments on the Director’s missing badge.

In Episode 4, May locks Yoyo in a Quinjet and comments about how disappointed she is about the badge theft.  Also how disappointed she is that Yoyo did uch sloppy spywork making is easy to discover who took the badge.  May recovers Director Mace’s badge then she then exits the Quinjet as a pilot comes on board.  The pilot mentions the flight will be about 20 minutes, which confuses Yoyo since she was expecting a longer trip to LA.  The pilot mentions that the jet is headed to Baltimore and she must be on the wrong jet.  Yoyo watches a knowing May as the cargo bay closes.  Cut to Ramon, who killed Yoyo’s brother in a dingy hallway.  Yoyo jumps him and threatens him with a pistol.  They exchange words about perspective and justice before Yoyo gets jumped by an unseen figure and the episode ends.

At the opening to Episode 5 Yoyo is tied up and Ramon is standing in front of her with several members of the anti Inhumans group, the Watchdogs.   Ramon wants to demonstrate some sort of new weapon he’s trying to sell to the Watchdogs, and he’s going to test it on Yoyo.  Before he can kill her, there is a brief shake, before Quake shows up and disables the enemies int he room and frees Yoyo.  Daisy seems surprised that Yoyo is there and just happened to have showed up while tracking the Watchdogs.  Ramon escapes out of a side door and Yoyo follows him.  At the end of the episode they face off, with Yoyo holding him at Gunpoint.

The final episode, Episode 6 opens in the same stand off from Episode 5.  There is a brief conversation that’s basically a rehash of the same morality good/evil conversation from Episode 4 before Yoyo lowers her weapon in order to apprehend Ramon instead of killing him.  She gets jumped from behind by a Watchdogs grunt who has the new weapon and fires it at her.  She uses her speed to avoid being shot and snatches the weapon from his grip, but not before the blast hits Ramon and obliterates him.  Daisy and Yoyo have a brief reunion before a SHIELD jet is shown arriving, the two leave the gun for SHIELD.

Flash back to present day, Daisy has hacked into the SHIELD system and is offering to erase the incriminating GPS data from the system.  Yoyo agrees. and it’s done.  They talk about being a team again and Yoyo gives Daisy the pin from Agent Carter.


Who knows if this will come up again at all.  We’ll probably never see the pin again and I doubt anyone gets questioned about the data gap.  Who knows if the laser weapon will show up again.  Actually, I’d have to check but it may have been the same laser thing that was in Season 1 a bit.

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