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Commodore 64 – Ghostbusters


I know I played more games than Park Patrol and Ghostbusters on the Commodore 64 but these are the only two I remember.  Something about this game was too much for my 4-5 year old mind of comprehend however, as much as I remember playing this game, I could never ever get anywhere in it. 

There were cool cars and upgrades I could never afford, I’d catch ghosts endlessly until the Stay Puft Marshmallow man showed up and destroyed the city.  Sometime a key and a lock would float around but i could never figure out what to do with those either.

It was still pretty fun.  I also recall it had some neat synthesized voices.

C64 – Park Patrol

parkpatrol I figure it would be appropriate to start this game off by mentioning Park Patrol, probably my first “favorite game”.  The object was to travel around the park collecting trash and saving swimmers.

You also had to avoid snakes and evil turtles.  When you got killed the ranger would curl up into his hat and die and kind of looked like the turtles.  We’d joke that the ranger had turned into a turtle.

It also had a catchy little tune too that repeated over and over.

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