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Goat Simulator

Back in the day, I used to play a lot of SIM Ant, which is essentially an Ant Simulator.  An Ant Simulator where you can wage war against enemy ants and humans alike.

These days you can wage a similar virtual war… with Goats…

Presenting: Goat Simulator…

I am honestly not sure what to think considering the creator advises that you’re better of blowing your money elsewhere on his page.

The AGS BakeSale Bundle

More Adventure games than you can shake a stick at! (WTF does that even mean?!??)  The AGS Bake Sale has started today.  Yep, another Pay What You Want Bundle.  This one is a bit different than previous bundles, for starters, you get 14 games.  They are all Adventure Games made, presumably, with Adventure Game Studio (AGS).

You can find it by following this link: AGS Bake Sale

It contains the following 14 games, though, who knows if more will be added since that is a popular thing to do with this sort of deal.

9 Months In by Tzachs, Noavana, and gameboy

Abner The Amazing by poc301 and LocutusOfBored

Barn Runner: The Rich Dame Who Cut The Cheese by Ponch

Ben Chandler, Paranormal Investigator – In Search Of The Sweets Tin by Grundislav

Entrapment by Lightbulb Games

Escape The Barn by Cat

Falling Skyward by ThreeOhFour

Fragment by Kaputtnik and ThreeOhFour

Indiana Rodent and the Raiders Of The Lost Cheese by Crystal Shard Games

The Rail by Technocrat

RAM Ghost by Ghost

Red Volition by Richard Hofmeier

Retina by Dualnames

Zombie Attack by ShiverMeSideways

Saints Row III + Team Fortress 2 = KRAXITY FUNZ!


Sometime today (I believe) a new DLC for Saints Row the Third drops.  In addition to this paid DLC, there are also a few new FREE DLCs coming to the game.  One, apparently adds CheapAssGamer’s Cheapy D to the game, somehow, not real sure how, but whatever.  The other, adds nine new Mascot Masks, of the Team Fortress 2 characters.

I’m honestly not sure if I should be excited over this or not, though I’m sure time will tell.  I’m not a huge fan of the Mascot heads, I prefer to keep my character a bit more respectable in design.  You know, like a suit.  More Mafia like if you will.

Still, it could still be fun if they aren’t TOO ridiculous looking.  Personally I’d be pretty excited if they did a cross over option like they did for Portal 2 that let me use my Team Fortress 2 hats on my character.

Anyway, to celebrate this occasion, I decided to play a bit last night using the kick ass Saxton Hale avatar available on the Saints Row 3 Website (for free).  Just a note to anyone wondering about downloadable avatars, if you want to keep your personal avatar, BE SURE TO UPLOAD IT FIRST.  Don’t worry about the rest of the world stealing it if you are worried about that sort of thing, it uploads as private by default.  Then, from the site, re-add it to your queue and you can go back to your normal self later. 

Anyway, here’s some fun screen shots of the mess.  The first thing I did as Satxon was climb as high as I could in my helicopter just so I could leap out into the city while screaming SAXTON HAAAALE!


Unfortunately, the engine wouldn’t let me get a decent screen shot of this…




2012-01-16_00022I just totally love how well this game integrates your custom avatar into the actual story (this is a cut scene with talking from both parties involved)


Tropico 4: Modern Times Trailer

It looks like Tropico 4 is getting an expansion pack soon.  It’s notable that this si apparently an “Expansion Pack” and not just “DLC”.  I suppose the main difference is that it, in theory, adds more dynamics and changes to the game and not just “added bonus content”.

Tropico 4 is a game I rather enjoy but sadly, it’s a game that has gotten lost and pushed aside by so many other titles that were released after it.  I really want to get in and play more, but, you know, Saints Row 3, Skyrim, The Binding of Isaac, Trine 2, etc etc.

Anyway, here’s the trailer. My main dislike is that making things more “mordern” may make it feel more like a Simcity clone that the series really is.  Yeah, there is a city building aspect, but there is so much more to running the government in Tropico than building the city.

Star Sky Released on iOS

starskylogo A while ago I did a review of Star Sky, a kind of ambient atmosphere experience more than a true game.  One that was actually interactive, and kind of neat, not just a boring and odd tech demo.

I received a note from the game’s creator Mårten Jonsson that the game has been released on iOS.  Here’s are the highlights of the note:

Star Sky is a different kind of iOS game. It focuses on creating an atmosphere and being a relaxing, rather than being intense or having a 5-minute gameplay. It’s an artful experience that is meant to be reflected upon, and replayed several times. The iPhone and iPad are perfect vessels to deliver this kind of alternative game, and hopefully there will be even more like it in the future, beyond this and the others like it that exists.

The game on iTunes –

The games official site –

Youtube video –

The game itself is pretty well suited to a touch sort of interface, as you mostly just walk and click things every once in a while.  It’s short, repeat play, nature is also the sort of thing that are ideal for the mobile platform.

Indie Royale 04 – The Christmas Bundle


The Indie Games Bundle concept has been hitting full force this last few months.  The latest Indie Royale bundle is now available, the Christmas Bundle.  I’m not really sure what most of these games have to do with Christmas really but it’s a pretty decent set.  Also of note, the list is the usual four titles but the Blackwell Trilogy is in fact 3 games, so you’re getting 6 games.  Personally, dropping even the minimum for the Blackwell Trilogy Remastered is worth while, but probably not so much if Adventure games aren’t your thing.

The Bundle Includes:

  • The Blackwell Trilogy – Includes the first three games, The Blackwell Legacy, The Blackwell Unbound, and The Blackwell Convergence.  A series of Adventure Games.
  • Eets – A quirky puzzley platformish game.
  • Dino D-Day – A World War 2 shooter featuring Nazi Dinosaurs
  • The Oil Blue – An Oil drilling simulator game (I’m not real familiar with this title).

Lameazoid Game of the Day, Coming in 2012


So back in February or so, I stared a sort of experiment with the Figure of the Day blog.  I started this blog for a couple of reasons.  I had wanted to start something similar for a while but the task of taking photos, offloading them, then compiling them into a blog post on a “daily” basis seemed a little daunting.  I had recently upgraded my phone and the camera in it is pretty decent.  Not as good as my SLR but probably at least as good as my little Point N Shoot.  I also found that WordPress has a fairly easy to use app for updating WordPress blogs.  This made the hassle of taking photos and offloading them to a PC out of the equation. 

It also forces me into the position of not taking elaborate posed photo sets in hopes of getting lots of cool shots for the blog.  I have Flickr for that, and I use those shots when I do full reviews.  Which brings up the secondary benefit of the phone managed daily blog.  Typing on the phone is not the greatest, which forces me to be succinct.  Figure of the Day is not, nor was it ever intended to be a daily review site.  I have long wrestled with the idea that I wanted to write something about every toy I own, but I don’t have the time to write a fill 500-1000 word review for them all.  Also, there just isn’t that much to say about them.  Reviewing Transformers was starting to get really repetitious and there is only so many ways to phrase the same points about Yet Another Optimus Prime.  I have over 500 Transformers.  Possibly even over 1000.  I have a pile of GI Joes, am even larger pile of Star Wars and a while mess of other miscellaneous crap.

So, Figure of the Day.  No long winded write ups, just a few quick points on what I like or don’t like about a figure, a few quick photos, there it is.

Here we are, almost a year later, and I’ve realized something.  I have the exact same problem with my Video Game collection.  I have been playing games for nearly 30 years of my 31 years of life across a wife variety of platforms and genres.  I could never get around to reviewing them all, and reviewing ancient PC games really serves no purpose anyway.  So instead, I’m starting a “Game of the Day” blog.

Unlike figure of the Day, I’m updating this one from a PC.  Basically, each day will be a new short entry about some game that I own.  Or, in the case of most PC games previous to 1995 or so, games I’ve played.  Most of the PC games from my childhood I no longer own and many of them were copies from friends and family anyway.  I’m going to start off initially by doing a run on some of the games I remember the most.  Games that really have shaped my overall interest in gaming and PCs.

The blog is not officially going yet, I’ve decided to wait for the new year on January first.  This will allow me to start building a buffer of entries since actually updating daily isn’t always feasible.  You can visit the page now however over at – Game of the Day.  The first entry is up there, partially for testing purposes.

Trine 2 Released!


The first Trine is a lot of fun, and today marks the release of Trine 2 from Idie Game Developer Frozenbyte.  I’ve already got a review of the first Trine, and if Trine is at least as good as it’s predecessor it’s probably going to be a lot of fun.

I already had a copy on Pre Order, though i haven’t had a chance to actually play it yet myself.  Instead I’ll just throw out this trailer for it again.  I’m pretty stoked for this release though.  You can also check out more info on Frozenbyte’s website for Trine 2.

You can find Trine 2 on Steam here.  Or if you prefer, Gamersgate here.

The Humble Introversion Bundle


Is it just me or are these getting closer and closer together.  Bundles seem to be the way to go for Indie devs anymore, there are so many out there and they seem to do pretty dang well.  The Humble Bundle started it and they’re at it again.  This is something like their 6 or 7th round, this one is themed around Introversion and includes 4 main titles, 2 bonus titles and 2 additional titles if you “beat the average”.  Considering the average tends to be pretty low and paying less than $5 for these things is kind of a crime, there’s a good chance you’ll pick up the bonus, though both games were features in a previous HumbleBundle.

The games in the set include:


Voxel Tech Demo
Subversion City Generator

Crayon Physics Deluxe

More importantly, you can support the Childs Play Charity.

Even more importantly, you can support the EFF, which really needs our support as Congress is trying to crush the internet lately.


Dreamcast, The Console That Won’t Die…

Sturmwind_Dreamcast_Limited_Edition_01 Sega, known today for making crummy Sonic the Hedgehog Games, used to be a huge player in the console business.  chances are if you’re a fan of this blog, you probably already knew that.  Their last console, the Dreamcast, came out in 1998 and was officially discontinued by Sega in 2001.  Consoles were sold in Japan through 2006! (source).

Just for some perspective, the X-Box 360, a new console that is currently part of the gaming scene was released in stores in December of 2005.  There were places in Japan where you could choose between a new Dreamcast, 2 generations removed from the “current gen” or an X-Box 360, the current gen console.  Now, given that, if memory serves correctly, Japan pretty much rejected Microsoft’s console efforts, the Dreamcast probably fared pretty well against the 360.  That’s just pure speculation.

It’s also probably exaggeration but, whatever.

Here we are, five years after any new Dreamcasts have been made and thirteen years after the thing was released, the system is still getting games.  I actually hear about one of these almost once a year, some new release for this long “dead” console, generally a Shoot’em Up game, and Sturmwind isn’t any different.

Personally, I always loved the Dreamcast.  Granted most electronics are “essentially a computer”, and it’s so much more true today than it was in 1998, but the Dreamcast was considerably more so “essentially a computer” than it’s competitors, the N64 and the Playstation 1/2.  Hell it ran a stripped down iteration of Windows.  This made it kind of a fun project console.  You could boot Linux on it pretty easily for example. 

It also had the fun little angle of being extremely easy to play imported and downloaded games.  You could easily burn a bootloader CD on your PC for imports and downloaded games ran easily off of basic CD-Rs.  The Dreamcast is the first console I ever bought import games for.  The bootloader CD was a much easier option than the N64 imports I have which required I take a Dremmel to either the console or the carts to make them fit in the slot.  I don’t care to get into actual “modding” so the later consoles are all right out.

The Dreamcast also has a lot of pretty fun and unique titles.  There aren’t too many blockbuster hits, but it has lots of odd and quirky games.  Probably one of my favorites was the simple puzzle game Chu Chu Rocket, which I bought before buying the console.  The 3D Sonic titles were both pretty decent and the series went downhill from there pretty quickly.  It had a decent library of fighting games to choose from and it’s apparently the place to buy flashy Shoot’Em Ups in 2011.

My main gripe is that the Network adaptor is next to impossible to get for less than a few hundred bucks.

Now, swinging back around to the idea of the immortal console idea, I will admit there are probably loads of indie tiles available for other even older consoles released all the time.  I’m sure people are making new NES or Atari games even today.  The difference is, most of these get “released” as a ROM.  They certainly don’t get full on official discs complete with deluxe $100 packaging.  Frankly, I somewhat question the sanity of some of these releases, not so much from the standpoint of they can’t be making much money but from the standpoint of if I were making a game I’d want more people to play it.

Original source The Dreamcast Junkyard